To all the saints that offered help…we thank you.  For those that know Mendelt a bit more than Marisa, you know that shy and reserved is not one of his personality traits.  When we need help (and I am sure that we will) we will let you know.  That help will most likely be needed in the areas of meals, cleaning, taking care of three glorious kids (almost so cute that we might charge people money to be with them) and other things that may arise.

Somebody asked me if there were specific things to pray for:  -calm nerves, -our parents, -good sleep, -for Zion and Jacoba to get along(they are typical siblings), -for Zekijah to sleep well at night (so that we can get our sleep), -strength for Mendelt as he cares for us, -the negative thoughts to stay away  and above all; healing (that the chemo is effective)

Please keep the e-mails, comments coming.  They are a source of strength for us.  It’s been so great to hear from so many people that have touched our lives from so many different stages/time periods of our life–thank you.

Please join us as we all…Take Courage.

Love Marisa, (Mendelt, Zion, Jacoba and Zekijah)