We walked into the Cancer Clinic this morning and I thought to myself ‘how did we end up here?  From a pretty good life, great kids, loving relationship, fulfilling jobs, very few bumps until today, walking into a clinic of cancer’.  whew. hopefully one day we’ll know why.

For those that have been through chemotherapy or seen a loved one go through it you’ll know what I am referring to.  There are so many sick people.  Each person is there not because they want to, but because they are sick.  It’s a bit overwhelming.  I walked through the chemo rooms (its actually one huge room with many stations) and prayed that each person in that room would heal.  The lady in her mid 40’s, the man in his 70’s, the kid in his teens or early 20’s and Marisa; the 32 year old sweetheart with three kids and a husband who usually can’t find his own socks let alone remember that Zion needs a snack in his backpack when he goes to school.  (watch out, soon I’ll be so domesticated that I’ll have my own show)

After spending over 5 hours in the clinic, Marisa left feeling okay.  Tired for sure but her stomach was feeling strong.  And her spirit was hardly bent.  We surely felt the peace that you all prayed for yesterday and this morning.  Thank you.  And please keep it up.  With chemo, the longer you are on it, apparently the ‘worse’ it gets.

Thanks again, and for all those people that have posted comments on this blog, we can’t tell you how much strength we get from it.  We don’t respond to the comments but they surely help.

Peace and love,

Mendelt (and Marisa)