It has been 5 days since Marisa has started her chemo. (a sentance I never dreamed I would write) The tired has kicked in.  Someone sent us an e-mail asking if the tone of our posts are really how we feel.  Make no mistake about it, we have low times.  Times where we cry out, question and even swear (we do it in dutch so it doesn’t count) but those times are peppered by some laughter and fun.  Our kids keep us grounded.  We were watching a basketball game 2 nights ago and in the middle of the game, Marisa said “oh, for the last 15 minutes I forgot I had cancer and then I remembered again”.  Sheesh.  But we continue to try and take courage, we’ve never prayed so fervantly before, which also bring some guilt because now we are praying for selfish reasons….

Thank you again for all your comments.  I can’t say enough how much Marisa and I appreciate them.  We are humbled by all the support and don’t know how we could manage this ride without them.

Love Mendelt