Many people have either said or written that they are thankful for this blog.  None more than Marisa who continues to be lifted and carried on each person’s comments, please keep them coming.  Thank you to all who write, old friends, new friends, people we know and people we know well, students, collegues and even those we don’t know, thank you.

Marisa tried to go to church this morning but didn’t have the strength.  It was another day of sleeping with pockets of small amounts of energy.  She is trying to keep her food down, a tough thing to do at this point.  Marisa and I could be with eachother today as friends of ours (the Bassie’s) from church took Zion and Jacoba.  At one point in the day Marisa said “we didn’t take advantage enough when we only had one child”.  To all those who only have one child and plan to have more – take a nap…..

Marisa is still a tough cookie.  Thanks again for all your love, it’s like your arms come out of the screen and wrap themselves around Marisa.

Peace and Love,