…Marisa made it fully through one week.  As it stands now, she hasn’t thrown up for almost 20 hours, the best stretch thus far.  Hallelujah.

This week we weren’t broken but you could surely see the cracks.  Hopefully those cracks mend.

The way Marisa’s chemo works is on a 17 day cycle which consists of 2 drugs.  The first three days is one drug and then the next 14 days are another drug.  Only during the first drug does Marisa need to go to the Cancer clinic, the rest of the chemo is done at home.  Marisa takes about 13 pills per day.

She continues to thank you for all your comments, she says that she would like to respond to each of them but often doesn’t have the energy to do that.  This is understandable.

Many thanks again.  Think of us as we continue to battle, take courage and press on.

Love Mendelt