On the evening of December 19, 2006 Marisa and I were sitting on the couch together talking about having another baby.  The next morning we found out Marisa had breast cancer.  That was December 20.  Then the next day, the 21st, we spent the day at the hospital going through tests to find out if Marisa ‘only’  had breast cancer.

In 48 hours we went from family planning to praying Marisa only had breast cancer…

…talk about perspective being a fickle beast…

So, as the perspective has shifted again and again since those days, Marisa had a full day yesterday without throwing up.  We classify that as a great day.  Today Marisa was strong enough to go to church, a real blessing, and now after her afternoon nap she is laying low as she feels “so so”.

Thanks again for the comments and please remember about the service of prayer for healing that is taking place on Tuesday.