(sorry if any of my students are reading this)

When Marisa and I were both at Redeemer, I would go to every one of her basketball games.  (she was a provincial All-Star, I never was) When Marisa would get fouled and went to the free throw line, she went there with a lunch-bucket-get-it-done attitude.  She would get the ball from the ref, look at the basket and do her job.

It was the same get-it-done attitude that Marisa brought today when she got her head shaved.  She decided to take some of the power back from cancer and get rid of her hair on her terms.  Marisa sat in that chair while Zekijah (8 months) and I watched with pride and admiration.

We are now going out for dinner and Marisa looks totally sexy.

Peace, love and thanks again for all the comments, please keep them coming.

Love Mendelt