The last few days have been ‘very good’ for Marisa.  It’s amazing what perspective does to how one can describe a day.  The ‘chemo cocktail’ has seemed to work with most of the nausea.  We hope that this continues.  Marisa had major stomach cramps this morning but we fixed that.  This whole ordeal has also been quite a lesson in pharmacology.  (sometimes Marisa calls me Nurse Mendelt…awwww)

Marisa’s mom has been here for the last two nights which allows us to share the load, she is great with the kids and they love their Grandma.

Thanks again for all the comments.  Please continue to pray that Marisa stays comfortable and that we all can sleep well at night.  When you lie in bed at night, the devil tries to creep into your head and that is sometimes tough.

Thanks again,