In terms of nausea, this week has been the best since the start of chemo.  Too bad there has to be a but…So…but there has been some other side effects that have reared their ugly head, the main one being “hand and foot syndrome” that I am experiencing.  The docs told us that this might happen but we hoped that it wouldn’t happen at all or at least not so soon.  My hands are red and swollen and sensitive to touch and it feels like they’ve been burnt.  I have trouble opening a bottle of medication, bottles for Zekijah or other daily activities things that I took for granted.

(this is where Nurse Mendelt earns his candy stripe uniform)

Not having nausea shows us that God is giving me only what I can handle because I couldn’t imaging having nausea on top of these tough hands…

Thanks to everyone for the meals, comments, e-mails, and above all prayers.  Pastor Andrew had a soul-moving message on prayer today that Mendelt will most likely speak about in a future post.

Love Marisa