(this is what I took from Pastor Andrew’s message on Sunday. Paraphrased by me)

Most of us know the story. Jesus is about to meet His betrayer, be arrested, disowned, mocked and crucified. He knew what was going to happen.

Before all that happens, as recorded in each of gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) Jesus goes to pray. He knows what is going to happen, he is Jesus. But he still goes and pray.

If anyone needs a reminder that prayer is worth the time, effort and learning, this is the perfect example. Jesus, who knows what is going to happen, who knows that He is going to be crucified still stops to pray. God decides that Jesus should stop to pray. God chooses to have Jesus pray.

God chose for Marisa to get cancer.  God now chooses for us to pray.

God sovereignly determines that He chooses to need our prayer.

take courage,