my lunch prayer went as follows:

“When this whole cancer ordeal is over, let me never take things for granted like eating without distractions, a full night sleep, Marisa’s amazing piano playing, having time to shave, hindsight, playing basketball in the morning”…the list went on.

(for those that don’t know Marisa well, she can make a piano sing)

Marisa has 5 days left in her 2nd cycle. The oncologist decreased the chemo dosage for the second time as Marisa’s body couldn’t handle it. She is getting more tired as the days go on. Her hands are cracked and weathered but her spirit continues to fight. I used to think I was in love with Marisa but I had no idea. You should see her fight.

I used to think that the most beautiful sight in the whole world was a pregnant woman. While I still think it is beautiful sight, there is none more than a woman with cancer who continues to give all her love to her children.

We are looking forward 5 days off after this cycle. Party city.

Thank you again for all the comments, we love you all.

Love Mendelt