It’s been a great few days–I feel ‘normal’ again!  🙂  It does take a few days before the drugs wear off I think.

As I was bringing Zion to bed tonight he asked to feel my head (he often does) and he said that it was a ‘pointy bald’.  From the mouths of babes.

A few people have asked about my hands–they are almost back to normal again.   A layer of skin (the skin that turned red and puffy) peeled off and now the new skin is just tender.  (It was a bit sad when my skin was peeling because Jacoba didn’t want to hold my hand when walking anymore because the skin was too rough….)  It is definitely managable now though and I would say that the ‘hand and foot syndrome’ is now at mild as opposed what it was last week–moderate/severe.  If it’s mild then I don’t have to go off or moderate the chemo drugs, but if it gets to moderate or severe they have to moderate the drugs–which my oncologist did.

Back to watching ‘Hockey Night in Canada’.  Go Leafs!  (Sorry Alec.)