Splanchnology is the study of the human body’s visceral parts or in easier terms, the gut.

Yesterday was another course in splanchnology.  Marisa and I spent 6 and a half hours in the cancer clinic.  Spending 6 and a half hours on something is one thing, but spending it at a cancer clinic makes you think about cancer for 6 and a half hours straight.  It makes splanchnology come to the forefront because you see so many sick people, and your stomach aches for each person.

Like always Marisa took her ‘lunch bucket’ attitude and was her usual brilliant self.   Her drive, hope, faith and courage are an inspiration to me.

The oncologist told us that the treatment plan that was told to us before (chemo for 6 months and then surgery) has been altered and clarifed to the current treatment plan which is that Marisa will undergo chemotherapy until her body can not handle the chemo anymore.  Then the doc said that there is a plan B and a plan C in case the chemo is not effective.

We continue to fight, pray, take solace in our friends and hope that Marisa will experience peace and full healing.

Thank you to all who have walked this journey with us and all those who have helped in every way.  You continue to show Jesus to us.

As for now, our education in splanchnology continues….

Love Mendelt (and Marisa, who proofreads every post)