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Marisa is bracing herself for Tuesday. I am right along with her as I am sure you are as well. Tuesday brings the chemo infusion of round 2 of Plan B. After this round there is a CT Scan set for the end of April which will determine the continued course of treatment.

This Tuesday anyone is invited to go to Fruitland CRC ( to pray during the time that Marisa is in treatment. This will be on April the 3rd and you are welcome to go to the church anytime between 11 a.m and 2 p.m.

Thanks again for all your support.  MdH


Again today I had someone tell me that they are ‘praying for a miracle’.

Let me tell you something.

The miracles have already happened. I can remember that before Marisa and I were ‘going out’, I would look at the piano schedule on the practice rooms at university and find Marisa’s name and her time of practice. These practice times were 60 minutes long. I would come 5 minutes into her practice, she would be in the room by then, and without her knowing I would sit at the foot of the door and listen to her play. Then I’d leave before she came out of the room. Her fingers are miracles.

Then on June 12, 1998 Marisa married me. A miracle to be sure.

Then on May 29, 2002 I first believed in love at first sight when Marisa gave birth to Zion. Another miracle.

Then on February 13, 2004 we met our second child, Jacoba. It was a Friday. I still love Fridays.

Another miracle came when Zekijah was born on the 11th of May 2006. This kid is one smart cookie.

I do understand what people are referring to when they say ‘praying for a miracle’ but rest assured folks…many miracles have already happened…but another one sure wouldn’t hurt…

Love Mendelt

It’s been ten days since Marisa has started “plan B”.  Thankfully Marisa’s hands have healed.  This has been a conscious celebration for us.  We usually take our hands for granted (even as I type these very letters).

The tough days still feel like mighty waters and lately the nights have shown to be emotionally dangerous but we do our best to press on, fight and pray.

Thanks again for all your support.  We are still filled with trembling hope.  Some days more hopeful and some more trembling.

Love Mendelt

There is a prayer service on Tuesday March 27 at 7:30 at the Fruitland CRC church.  There are still many in our congregation that need prayer. for details

After the tough news we got on Thursday, Marisa and I went out of town for a few days while Marisa’s parents took care of our Zion and Jacoba and while Zekijah went to the Tammings. (the blogger GT for those that don’t know)

Our days were filled with trying to sleep, pray and process. The process part was the most difficult.

Then before we knew it, it was Tuesday, the day of the new chemo. We spent the day in the cancer clinic and tried to brace ourselves for the onslaught. As usual, Marisa shone.

Marisa is still taking steriods (the usual practice for three days surrounding the chemo) and is feeling the strength from them. We are filled with trembling hope.

Thanks to all who posted, prayed, sent a card and gave meals.

Love Mendelt

One of my choir students wrote on the blog a few days ago that

‘the will of God will never take you where the grace of God cannot protect you’.

A bit tougher to take this afternoon but still words to try and live by……..

The CT scan results came back worse than we hoped.  The cancer on Marisa’s liver has increased in size and they also found cancer in her lungs.

As you can imagine this is the last thing we wanted to hear.  Because plan A didn’t work, Marisa is now going to plan B.  She is going to undergo more chemo but in a totally different form than the last couple of months.  She is going to have the chemo all in the hospital once every three weeks with no chemo at home.  We are hoping that her body will react positively to this new chemo.

Thanks to our family, friends and people that are riding this wave with us….hold on…

Love Mendelt

At the end of this day Marisa (and the rest of us) will have made it through round 3. This round has been different from both the others and particularly the last 5 days have produced some emotional beatings.

We are still uplifted by your comments, cards, good rock and roll, Pastor Andrew’s messages (Sunday night service was a bad day for the devil) and your prayers. Thank you.

Our friend Janice is taking all three kids for us tomorrow, a true gift for us and our kids.  Marisa and I are looking forward to spending the day together…lunch, sign Zion up for summer soccer and an uninterrupted nap.  Hallelujah.

Thanks again for all your comments and love,


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