One of my choir students wrote on the blog a few days ago that

‘the will of God will never take you where the grace of God cannot protect you’.

A bit tougher to take this afternoon but still words to try and live by……..

The CT scan results came back worse than we hoped.  The cancer on Marisa’s liver has increased in size and they also found cancer in her lungs.

As you can imagine this is the last thing we wanted to hear.  Because plan A didn’t work, Marisa is now going to plan B.  She is going to undergo more chemo but in a totally different form than the last couple of months.  She is going to have the chemo all in the hospital once every three weeks with no chemo at home.  We are hoping that her body will react positively to this new chemo.

Thanks to our family, friends and people that are riding this wave with us….hold on…

Love Mendelt