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Thank you Jesus!! 

The CT scan results came back like this today:

No growth in the cancer, one of the tumours had even shrunk.

This is good news.  This means that the chemo is working.  The plan now is to continue this chemo for 6-8 three week cycles and monitor progress in the middle of that 5 month period.

Let’s keep praying.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Love Marisa


This morning I read all the previous posts.  No less than 32 times do we thank all of you for your support.  Thirty two times.  32.  To me it seems that we can’t thank you all enough.

Today we find out the results of the CT scan.  Whatever the results are, we are going to try and have the same behaviour.  A reaction of fighting, praying and trying to be thankful.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Marisa and Mendelt

We are now heading out for the CT scan.

Zion (our wonderful son who turns 5 next month) stayed home from school today. He wasn’t feeling well. I know the feeling.

Marisa ‘slept’ until just now. (she didn’t fall asleep until 5:30 A.M.) She got up and changed into her clothes. What happened next is a perfect picture of Marisa.

After putting on her clothes, she came up to Zion with her infections smile and said “look Zion, I’m wearing my david and goliath t-shirt”

Amen sister, Amen.


This is, without exaggeration, the biggest week of our life.

On Tuesday Marisa has another chemotherapy infusion and on Friday there is a CT scan to see the progress of the last three chemo rounds. It will then be approximately a week for the results to come to us…waiting is difficult.

A group of people are going to gather again at Fruitland Christian Reformed Church on Tuesday to pray. (  Please feel welcome to join.

Thank you again and again,


I’ve been more tired than usual this week. It seems that if I don’t have at least 12 hours sleep at night, my day is tough.

I’m still encouraged by your comments, more encouraged than you’ll ever know.

Not much else to say. Mendelt and I are going to continue to keep fighting and we hope that you’ll keep praying.

Thank you,

Love Marisa

Dear cancer:

You probably thought of the nights and how they would trouble us. Because that makes sense.

You probably thought of the sadness we have wondering if we are going to be able to teach our 10 month old how to hit a three pointer. Because that makes sense.

You probably thought of the physical suffering we are going through. Because that makes sense.

You probably thought of our psychological and cognitive suffering. Because that makes sense.

You probably thought about our parents and how the idea of their child leaving before them must shake them to their core. Because that makes sense.

You probably thought about our four year old who asks “when is cancer finished?” Because that makes sense.


You couldn’t have thought of a guy named Jesus who went through all of this and more and who goes through all of this and more with us. You couldn’t have thought of that. Because that doesn’t make sense.

You ain’t going to win, cancer. You ain’t going to win. Easter made sure of that.


It was tougher than ‘usual’ today at the Cancer clinic.  This whole new world seemed way too real today.  The faces on the people seemed weathered.  The eyes seemed tired.  Maybe that was my projection of the situation but the burden seemed very evident today.

There were many tears shed today.  I just pray that Marisa’s tears don’t rust her shining heart.

Thank you to all who prayed for us today.  We don’t know how we would do this without you.  I’ll repeat that…we don’t know how we would do this without you.

Love Mendelt

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