Hi all,

I just thought I would let you know about my friend from way back in gradeschool….Kim (Reitsma)  VanHaitsma.  She is undergoing surgery tomorrow to help repair her kidney.  She recently had kidney and pancreas transplants due to jeuvenille diabetes.  At first the doctors thought she was in organ rejection but later discovered that it was (and I hope I get this right) her kidney not functioning properly.  I know there are a number of you that know Kim and so I thought I would post her blog here so you could check things out for yourself and leave a message if you wished.  Her blog is managed by ‘CarePages’ and so if you go to ‘www.carepages.com’ you should be able to get to her care page.  Her CarePage name is ‘Kimsblog’.  I hope this is all correct and that you can check it out.

On a different note, I think I have mentioned the name ‘Anita’ before.  I went to Redeemer with her and we took Chris Teeuwesen’s and Dr. Bert’s music classes together (Mendelt too).  After that we lost contact but have since crossed paths again due to the extremely similar situations we have found ourselves in.  (She has 3 young kids almost the same ages as ours and has breast cancer that has spread to her liver and a few spots in her abdomen.)  Anita had a cat scan done today and she is obviously anxious for the results.  She is finished with chemo and is now on a drug that she has to take for a year.  This cat scan will determine if this drug has continued to shrink the cancer.  If you don’t mind, while you keep us in your prayers, say a little prayer for Anita and her family too.  Her husband’s name is Glen and her 3 kids’ names are Jillian, Connor, and Amber.

Thanks so much.  I’m off to watch NBA playoff basketball with Zion.  🙂

Love Marisa