Anita’s sister Erica did write a comment on the blog about Anita and so I’m glad you could hear the good news already.  In case you haven’t read the comment though, Anita’s cancer has shrunk 80% from it’s original state and there are only 2 small spots left on her liver!  That is such an answer to prayer!  God is so good.

Kim’s surgery went well, but she has a few complications with emptying her bladder.  Her pain is managed by medication, but it leaves her groggy and tired.  We need to keep knocking on heaven’s door for her!

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather!  We certainly are.  My energy levels are fairly low these past few days and I’ve been fighting a sore throat and cough and yesterday had quite a pressure headache behind my one eye.  I think it was due to the humidity changes.  I’ve never been affected by headaches before, so now I can appreciate the annoyance of them.  Just one more thing to add to my experiences of late….

Thanks again for ALL your prayers.  We are still in need of them.  Thank you for all your positive and joyful comments.  We rejoice with you.