Today was chemo day. It went well. There was a long wait though because 5 pharmacy (where they mix the ‘cocktails’) people called in sick today….! The nurses and assistants get the brunt of the complaints and so we felt sorry for them–it wasn’t their fault. Mendelt and I find it hard to complain about the waits though because #1: the drugs are helping us get healthy, and #2: our health system in Canada pays for so much. The drugs are not cheap and 700 people go through the clinic a day. That is a lot of money!!

Jacoba and Zekijah had a fun day at Pake and Beppe’s and Zion had a fun day playing with his friend Emily (whom he informed Mendelt and I this morning that he doesn’t LOVE her, he just LIKES her. Amazing that he picks up on the difference already! I guess he doesn’t want a girlfriend yet….)

On another note, I have another prayer request. I have another friend. πŸ™‚ Some of you may know Ann Mary Vermeer (married to Randy Vermeer) and have already been praying for her. Ann Mary is a teacher at John Knox Christian School in Fruitland. I met Ann Mary through teaching piano lessons there and had the priviledge of teaching her daughter for 2 years–up until my diagnosis. Ann Mary also got a diagnosis that has changed her life and the life of her family. Ann Mary has Malignoma. She got something called IL-2 treatments in Buffalo about a month ago or so and finds out the results of these treatments (from a Cat Scan) tomorrow. She is understandably anxious. We are hoping and praying along with them for God’s will to be done and for all the prayers of healing that so many have been praying for to be answered.

Thank you to those who prayed for me today. I felt very much at ease today as I went in for chemo (while we were waiting for all those hours) and we just keep praying that the chemo (liquid gold) keeps doing its job and keeps killing all those cancer cells!! We are thankful for every day and for the blessings of children, loving spouses, beautiful weather, the beautiful flowers and gardens we drive by and experience and the many family and friends that love us so much!! We can’t do it without you.

Peace and love Marisa