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Next Tuesday, July 3rd,  is a fairly important day.  Marisa has a CT scan as well as a heart test (nuclear medicine).  The oncologist said that Marisa has to pass this heart test before she can continue chemo.  The test is to make sure that her heart can handle more of this chemo drug that has historically been hard on the heart.

Yes, another surprise hurdle.

Marisa has been feeling quite low lately, tired in the morning and the mid afternoon.  Her spirit continues to inspire me and those around her.  I’m not surprised at this.

Marisa’s wonderful mom is coming over tonight and most of us know that there is nothing like a mom to bring a bit of sunshine to the day.


—as an aside, I would like to print some text on a t-shirt.  Does anyone know where that can be done well?  Please let me know. Thanks —


I, Mendelt, am writing this post immediately following Marisa’s post ‘like a tonne of bricks’.

Here is another classic picture of Marisa that you normally wouldn’t see.

Marisa stayed home all day today and I took the kids out of the house for the day so that Marisa could sleep.  (You can only ask kids so many times to be quiet)

So Marisa didn’t see Zekijah all morning, afternoon or night, but then Zekijah came home with Zion and I from Zion’s soccer game.  I was about to get Zekijah and put her to bed, but then Marisa, with nearly zero energy but tonnes of love, said

“I would like to get her.  I didn’t see her all day”.

There Marisa goes to get Zekijah and when Zekijah sees Marisa, Zekijah’s eyes light up as if to say ‘ all is now well ‘.

Dearest Zekijah, a better mother you couldn’t have.   Love Heit.

Today the chemo hit me…like a tonne of bricks. I woke up this morning at 7 and felt good. Then I went back to sleep, woke up at 11 and felt crappy. Mendelt took the kids to angel Janis’ house for the afternoon while he had some appointments and I slept for a few more hours but when I woke up I couldn’t shake that crappy feeling.

I hope it gets better from here on in. Let’s pray for that.

Peace and love,



Thanks to all for your anniversary well wishes. We had a great day! The kids were well taken care of and we had a nice day to celebrate. We went to see a matinee–‘Ocean’s 13’ and then shopped. Mendelt got some nice clothes (he’s got great fashion taste) for Father’s Day (I got some clothes too, but not for Father’s Day). Then we went out for supper in Port Dalhousie, had an ice cream cone for dessert and then went for a nice walk to the beach. The beach didn’t smell very good, so we didn’t stay long….but it was beautiful scenery. The restaurant we originally went to was quite a fancy one with a patio looking out over the canal, but once we looked at the menu and saw all the fancy language and prices we had second thoughts. Then our server just wasn’t coming out to get our orders, so, we decided to leave. Fine, see if we care. 🙂 We found a nice pub and looked at the menu and saw language that we understood and prices that were much more reasonable. 🙂 Ah, the good old roots and upbringing coming through….


Chemo was a go yesterday! Funny how one wishes for chemo…. My white cell count was up to 5! We met some people that we knew there–Rev. John deJong (former pastor of Fruitland CRC and now member of Grimsby CRC) and an employee of a place that Mendelt would do music therapy at as well as a wonderful visit by a some good friends of our family, Ben and Anita Sloetjes.

I’m feeling pretty good today, bouyed by the steroids I think. If the cycle goes as last time, I’ll feel tired and low energy next week and then I’ll start to feel better again for about a week.
We don’t know exactly when my next chemo round will be because I go for a CAT Scan and some type of heart test (the type of chemo I’m on is apparently hard on your heart) on July 3rd. On July 11 we meet with Dr. Tozer and then see what the results are and go from there. We hope and pray things are progressing and that I can go for another chemo round shortly after that. There I go again, hoping for another round of chemo. 🙂

Enjoy the beautiful weather and we’ll talk again soon!

Peace and love,


Lang zullen we leven – Long shall we live

On Tuesday June 12, we will have been married for 9 years.

When last Tuesday chemo wasn’t an option because of the blood counts, Dr. Tozer (our oncologist) suggested that June 12th would be the next day. Mendelt then said that we would be 9 years married that day. Dr. Tozer then insisted that we spent the day together and come back on the Wednesday instead of Tuesday. He said he is “not going to ruin our anniversary”.

Naturally this anniversary comes with different emotions that the other 8 brought. Mem and Heit (Mendelt’s parents) are going to have our kids for the day and we are going to take the day to remember, laugh, dream and pray.

Peace and love.

We went to the Cancer Centre today but found out that Marisa’s white blood counts are too low for her to have chemotherapy today.

According to our oncologist, this is very normal. He said that Marisa “has been on chemo for a long period of time without any breaks so her bone marrow is tired and thus chemo can’t happen today”. Our oncologist didn’t seem concerned. So neither are we.

Marisa is sad because “it isn’t another chemo under my belt” but we are going to try again next Wednesday.

Thanks for all your prayers, comments and love.

Love Mendelt

Tomorrow is another chemo day….time seems to go so fast and yet so slow.  I’m amazed that tomorrow I go again.  One more round done.  I do look forward to that part (one more round being done) and so I embrace tomorrow.  I also don’t look forward to tomorrow because I have had so many good days in a row where I felt almost ‘normal’ again!  I know that after tomorrow I’ll go through the whole process again, but I look forward to the good days yet again.

Thanks for all those who wrote what they were thankful for.  It was awesome to read all the blessings we have!  I wish that I could respond to each one of you, and please know that I would if I could!  Thank you for writing in.  It’s so neat to read your comments and to think on the relationships that I have with you–cousin, ‘old’ friend or aquaintance, ‘new’ friend, family.  I’m blessed by all of you.   We still stand amazed at all the support we continue to get and to feel.  We still so very much appreciate the prayers and love showed by so many.  God bless you.

Peace and love,


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