Thanks to all for your anniversary well wishes. We had a great day! The kids were well taken care of and we had a nice day to celebrate. We went to see a matinee–‘Ocean’s 13’ and then shopped. Mendelt got some nice clothes (he’s got great fashion taste) for Father’s Day (I got some clothes too, but not for Father’s Day). Then we went out for supper in Port Dalhousie, had an ice cream cone for dessert and then went for a nice walk to the beach. The beach didn’t smell very good, so we didn’t stay long….but it was beautiful scenery. The restaurant we originally went to was quite a fancy one with a patio looking out over the canal, but once we looked at the menu and saw all the fancy language and prices we had second thoughts. Then our server just wasn’t coming out to get our orders, so, we decided to leave. Fine, see if we care. 🙂 We found a nice pub and looked at the menu and saw language that we understood and prices that were much more reasonable. 🙂 Ah, the good old roots and upbringing coming through….


Chemo was a go yesterday! Funny how one wishes for chemo…. My white cell count was up to 5! We met some people that we knew there–Rev. John deJong (former pastor of Fruitland CRC and now member of Grimsby CRC) and an employee of a place that Mendelt would do music therapy at as well as a wonderful visit by a some good friends of our family, Ben and Anita Sloetjes.

I’m feeling pretty good today, bouyed by the steroids I think. If the cycle goes as last time, I’ll feel tired and low energy next week and then I’ll start to feel better again for about a week.
We don’t know exactly when my next chemo round will be because I go for a CAT Scan and some type of heart test (the type of chemo I’m on is apparently hard on your heart) on July 3rd. On July 11 we meet with Dr. Tozer and then see what the results are and go from there. We hope and pray things are progressing and that I can go for another chemo round shortly after that. There I go again, hoping for another round of chemo. 🙂

Enjoy the beautiful weather and we’ll talk again soon!

Peace and love,