I, Mendelt, am writing this post immediately following Marisa’s post ‘like a tonne of bricks’.

Here is another classic picture of Marisa that you normally wouldn’t see.

Marisa stayed home all day today and I took the kids out of the house for the day so that Marisa could sleep.  (You can only ask kids so many times to be quiet)

So Marisa didn’t see Zekijah all morning, afternoon or night, but then Zekijah came home with Zion and I from Zion’s soccer game.  I was about to get Zekijah and put her to bed, but then Marisa, with nearly zero energy but tonnes of love, said

“I would like to get her.  I didn’t see her all day”.

There Marisa goes to get Zekijah and when Zekijah sees Marisa, Zekijah’s eyes light up as if to say ‘ all is now well ‘.

Dearest Zekijah, a better mother you couldn’t have.   Love Heit.