Next Tuesday, July 3rd,  is a fairly important day.  Marisa has a CT scan as well as a heart test (nuclear medicine).  The oncologist said that Marisa has to pass this heart test before she can continue chemo.  The test is to make sure that her heart can handle more of this chemo drug that has historically been hard on the heart.

Yes, another surprise hurdle.

Marisa has been feeling quite low lately, tired in the morning and the mid afternoon.  Her spirit continues to inspire me and those around her.  I’m not surprised at this.

Marisa’s wonderful mom is coming over tonight and most of us know that there is nothing like a mom to bring a bit of sunshine to the day.


—as an aside, I would like to print some text on a t-shirt.  Does anyone know where that can be done well?  Please let me know. Thanks —