So, the tests went well on Tuesday–I got to be radio active for a bit. The technicians are always friendly and kind. Upon talking to some people though, I’ve discovered that we have neglected to let you know about our results day….so sorry.

My oncologist is vacationing in Turkey and won’t be back until next week, SO, we meet with him on Wednesday, the 11th and he’ll tell us what’s up. At my last appointment (3 weeks ago) he told us that my appointment on the 11th would be a wellness check. That sounds a lot better to me than ‘results’. At any rate, we are hopeful for good news and that the chemo can start again so that it can end soon!

On a different note, I’m not wearing my bandanas as much these days, with the heat and all, and so by accident I went out last night to my quilting group from church without anything on my head. The other members in my group both thought that my hair was starting to grow back. A few weeks back Mendelt, Zion and my family also thought my hair was starting to grow back. I’m not sure what this means, but maybe it is a good thing….

Thanks for everything once again and we continue to be blessed by your comments, cards, meals, gifts, plants and prayers.