The ‘new’ chemo regimen is now 5 days old.  When Marisa and I met with the oncologist, he told us that while he was walking his dog, he came up with an idea that Marisa should try this set of drugs.

A quick story about our oncologist.  His name is Dr. Tozer and at the end of our very first meeting, (7 months ago) I asked him if he believed in God.

He responded, “I believe in faith and miracles.  I’m Anglican.”

To which I responded, “I believe in Anglicans.”

Marisa is feeling good.  On Thursday Marisa needed to go for a unexpected ultrasound due to some stomach issues that were arising, literally.  Her stomach was bloating and they wanted to know if it was because of the blood clot, the needles, or the chemo.  We will find out the results early next week.
Today is her last day of steriods so the adventure is soon to begin.

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Peace and love,