The cough.  Ah yes, the cough.  Zion and Jacoba each caught a cough/cold type thing and lovingly passed it along to me.  It is a cough with no fever and so my doc said I could take any over the counter cough medicine to help.  It helps me sleep at night if nothing else and Janine, I haven’t tried the sock and Vick’s vapour rub thing yet because it’s been too hot to sleep with socks on lately!  🙂   But, if I get desperate, I will try it and let you know how it worked.

Unfortunately, the cough has made me more tired and that kind of stinks because by now I should be feeling a bit better as it has been 2 weeks since chemo.  In saying that, this type of chemo hasn’t given me that ‘crappy, blanket over me’ type feeling and for that I am thankful.  Dr. Tozer also mentioned that I might feel tingling in my fingers and toes and so far that hasn’t happened.  I am also VERY thankful for that.  I would not want to do the hand/foot syndrome thing again.

On Sunday, Mendelt and I divided and conquered.  Mendelt took the 3 kids with him to Sascha’s birthday party (Sascha is our niece, visiting from BC with her mom Monique and her brother Matheo) and had a really nice day.  Jacoba stayed there for a sleep over and the 2 Z’s and Mendelt came home to sleep.  I went with my parent’s to St. Thomas to my Uncle Tom and Aunt Maria’s house for a get together to see my cousin Julia and her husband Matt and their 2 month old daughter Marika.  Julia is the one I mentioned and asked for prayer for because of an infection she caught that sent her into septic shock (I think I got that right!).  It was so great to see her and her family and my cousins that live out that way and my uncles and aunts that live there (my mom’s side of the family).  I cannot begin to describe how meaningful it is to connect with family again and to appreciate the bonds that we have.  After a brushing with death it is so important to live, laugh and love in each new day that we are blessed with.

After visiting with family, we (my mom and dad and I) drove back to Brantford and I got to sleep at the old homestead again–always a pleasure.  Today, I got to meet up with my sister Monica and enjoy lunch and shopping together while our mom and dad left bright and early this morning for London for my mom to get an eye operation done.  Her left eye got operated on 16 (I think?) months ago and now she got her right eye done.  Everything went well and she see her eye doctor tomorrow morning to make sure everything is all right and then she gets to come home.  She’ll be loving cared for by my dad and should be up and around again after a week or so.

And that, is how it’s going.

PS–Sonya, so sorry we missed each other!  And John and Charlene, sorry to have missed you guys by a day too!  Annette–give them a big old hug for me okay?  🙂

Love Marisa