It is Saturday today and I am just finished my ‘roids.  I expect they’ll wear off tomorrow.  We’ll see how the rest of the week goes.  Hopefully this time I won’t catch a cough (which is pretty much gone now–thanks for all the specific prayers for that!) and will feel pretty okay for the duration of the remaining 3 weeks.

On Wednesday, my mom and dad did join me for chemo.  We enjoyed a nice lunch of Mr. Sub sandwiches in the chemo suite and generally made a good time of it.  My dad left after I was finished to go pick up my sister Christy from the airport and my mom and I went downstairs and next door to the Henderson Hospital where my thrombosis (blood clot) specialist is.  We went to see her for a check up.  She said things were going okay, she wanted to keep things the same.  I said to her–I’m going to be on this stuff for longer than 3 months aren’t I….  She said–let me give you the whole picture.  I knew it was longer than 3 months!  🙂  She thinks the blood clot was caused by the tumour on my liver as well as the chemo that I’ve been on, so, she thinks that I’ll be on these needles until this is all sorted out and I’m finished chemo.   BUT, I’m getting used to the poking and the stinging so it is not so bad anymore.  Lots of people have to give themselves injections all the time.  I won’t complain if I only have to do this for 6 months instead of 3 or whatever the case may be.

My blood clot specialist also wanted to get a picture of my heart (ECG) to see the top of my blood clot because the blood clot was coming up into my chest.  She wanted to schedule the ECG for a few weeks from now, but her secretary asked if there was an appointment for that day–and there was!  SO, we went up one floor and 5 minutes later I was having an ECG!  Wonderful!  The technician that did the ECG was very friendly and talkative and as I was looking over her shoulder as it were, I commented that it is just amazing that we can see our heart valves and hear the heart beat and it’s hard not to believe in God when you’re looking at this!  She whole heartedly agreed.  I kept looking at the screen and then said–is that spot there in the left chamber of my heart the top of the blood clot?!  And she said–ummmm, I’m not allowed to say.  Usually people don’t know what they are looking at!  🙂  So, I told her I would stop asking questions, but I think I saw the top of my blood clot!  I didn’t have to go back to see my specialist because they knew about the blood clot and I was already on the needles, so I was okay.

So, another day at the chemo clinic!  Thursday went well too, as my sister Monica joined me and we talked the hours away.  It was nice to just be there and be able to talk with no real interruptions.  It really is an interesting way to bond!  We got our picture taken by somebody sitting beside us.  It will be a memory that is for sure.

I will end with a story about Jacoba.  Zion and Mendelt were at Zion’s soccer game last Monday night already and I was getting Jacoba and Zekijah ready to go to the soccer game too.  The Hoekstra clan was all going to be there for the last hoorray before Monique and Sascha and Matheo left for home again.  Jacoba was a bit sad and crying over something and having a bit of a rough go at it.  I just kept plugging along though and we just needed to get her dressed yet before we could go.  She was still crying as I walked up the stairs with her to get her clothes.  She was still crying as I picked out a dress for her to wear.  She was still crying as I told her this was a dress from Tante Neeke (a wonderful! cousin from Holland–writes on the blog).  She was still crying as we put the dress on, and she was still crying as she said to me–I LOVE this dress from Tante Neeke!  🙂  She finally dried her tears as we walked down the stairs and into the van.  She was all finished crying for the rest of the night and enjoyed her cousins and uncles and aunts and Pake and Beppe and her brother’s soccer game.

Thanks to all for your wonderful comments, hopes, prayers, and encouragements.  It’s so wonderful to read your positive spirits and words of me getting better!  It’s such an encouragement for me and a source of hope (besides our Heavenly Father) to read that you believe that I am going to beat this and that I will survive!  While that is and always has been my general feeling, sometimes I do doubt and the worries creep in and it gets me down.  It is then that the comments and this blog are such a blessing to me!  Thanks for sticking with me on this journey and for not giving up!  It is definitely turning into a marathon of sorts!

Peace and much love,