I recently saw a gentleman that I have known for many years. I don’t know him well but always remember him as a kind, gentle man.

His name is Ivan. I think that his brothers were in some of my siblings classes and though I don’t know the family well, when we meet, I recognize them, and them me.

Ivan works at a grocery store and when I saw him, I called his name and he came over to see me. I just wanted to say hello. When he recognized who I was, he said this…

“Hello Mendelt. I wish I could say something happier to you but I can’t. I really wish that I could say something happy but I can’t. I want to tell you that I’m praying for you, my whole church is praying for you. I wish I could say something happier, but I can’t.”

Then he left. And I was left with awe.

Such wisdom. Cutting through the uncomfortable crap of ‘what to say’ with truth and honesty.

Thank you Ivan. If you see him, please thank him.