December 20 (the day of diagnosis) seems like a lifetime ago.  As tomorrow approaches, it will mark the road that has been 8 months long.

When I think about the past 8 months, a few things have become clearer to me.

1st, the communion of the saints means something that it has never meant.

2nd, the Will of God will never take us where the Grace of God can not protect us is something that is both true and incredibly hard to swallow at times.

3rd, speaking to Marisa about death is healing and less scary everytime.

and 4th, Marisa is a daily inspiration.  You know those small square calendars that you can buy that have daily inspirational quotes from people that you don’t even know?  Living with Marisa is like that but in the flesh.

I’m reminded of the Paul Simon song that says we’ll “continue to continue” and as if he was writing about Marisa that “flowers never bend with the rainfall”.

Peace, stay strong.