It’s almost time again for chemo.  Round 3 of ????  I start again next Tuesday and then have a cat scan after chemo on Wednesday.  We’ll find out from Dr. Tozer on Tuesday when we’ll get the results from that cat scan.  Mendelt and I think it might be on the Thursday since I’ll be there at the clinic for my third day of chemo.  We hope that we can go out for a celebratory dinner on Thursday night.

We just came back from a few days of cottaging with my parents.  We had a great time on the lake and enjoyed all the great things about cottaging.  We were able to see some wildlife while we were there….we were pretty surprised to hear my dad tell us that we could go to the garbage dump 15 minutes away and see some black bears.  Zion and Jacoba were pretty impressed!  As of course were we.  They were very calm bears who were just interested in eating the food they could find in the garbage bags.  One night my parents saw 8 of them!  Mendelt and I and the kids only (only!) saw 4….

On a different note, I thought I’d point out that I managed to figure out how to add some more blogs under the ‘Friends of Marisa’ column.  (Sorry it took so long Alec!)  I’m not that ‘blog friendly’ but have managed to learn along the way.  We do know how to put pictures up, but since we have dial up, it takes a really long time… I look at other people’s blogs and they have lots of pictures up!  So, sorry our blog is so picture absent…you’ll just have to come see us in real life someday!

Love Marisa