Today was a bit of a bummer.

My white blood cell count was too low to be allowed to have chemo today or at all this week.

The scan is still scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, and we will find out the results on Thursday afternoon.  If all goes well on Thursday, my chemo will get rescheduled for next week.

The kids went to Pake and Beppe’s today and had a ball.  They went to the beach in Port Dalhousie and had fun in the sun.  Then we all got together at the homestead and enjoyed a delicious meal.   As we were preparing to leave and go back home, Zion and Jacoba didn’t want to go–they were having so much fun.  So, Mendelt’s parents offered to have them sleep over so they could play for a few more hours together.  Zion and Jacoba readily agreed.  It’s amazing how quickly we can be replaced!  🙂  It’s such a blessing to have loving grand parents so close by.

Please keep praying for peace, courage and healing.

Love Marisa