God has put it on my heart that we need to pray for Marisa in a continuous and intentional way. Prayer is our connection to God and a way to stomp out the devil’s plans and see God’s glory. We all want to see God’s power and be able to say “LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE!!!”

Together in prayer we can bring our request of healing for Marisa to God 24 hours per day.

God’s word talks about praying without ceasing and this is a way that we can do that. If you know someone who is willing to pray but does not have access to the blog, please encourage them to pray too. Couples and families can pray together.

I have a schedule that has 10 minute increments and if you are willing to pray, please contact me with a time that will work with your schedule or a time that you are willing to get up in the night.  We will have to consider time changes.

Please e-mail me with the subject title “Praying for Marisa” at r_shain@hotmail.com and I will schedule this continual prayer.

God Bless you!

Rebecca Shain