I really hate to post another post because I’m so touched by my friend Rebecca’s post for request for prayer.  I’d love for that one to stay at the top forever…..


Dr. Tozer’s office called this morning and informed us that on 21 September I go to the Henderson, second floor (love that floor) and get an embolization test.  Then I go to get blood work done at the JCC (Juravinski Cancer Clinic).  On 26 September I go for the actual embolization.  I get to spend the night.  Probably get to wear one of those breezy gowns.

So, about 3 weeks of freedom!  Maybe my hair will grow a bit, maybe I’ll start to just feel normal again.  I can live life for 3 more weeks until I need to face the music again.

Thanks to those who are signing up for prayer slots.  I love you.  Praying for a miracle.

Love Marisa