Our brother-in-law Alec posted some pictures of our summer on the blog.  Check the navigational bar above this post.  It says ‘Some Pictures’.

We are in the process of reading info on a clinical trial that I would be eligible for.  Basically it’s a drug that would help my body kill the cancer cells and it would eventually be used along side a chemo drug.  Guess which chemo drug it is…yep, the first one I tried!  The one with the crappiest side effects.  The drug would go for a maximum of 10 rounds and each round, as I understand it, is 3 weeks.   We still have to do more research and ask more questions.  We’ve called Dr. Tozer to ask him a few questions but we haven’t managed to cross paths yet.

This last week I’ve experienced low energy.  As I remember it, I felt this way the week after I had a low white cell blood count as well.  Today was the first day again that I felt ‘normal’.  That’s a nice feeling.

Love Marisa