Yesterday morning, Pastor Andrew (Fruitland Christian Reformed Church, Stoney Creek, Ontario) asked the question – what does God look like?

It is a good question.   As is the case when I hear a message from Andrew, I walked away with new knowledge.

He reminded me what God looks like.

God looks like those people that participated in the Terry Fox Run for Marisa or anyone else.

God looks like those students and friends that did the Relay 4 life in honour of Marisa or anyone else.

God looks like those people who either did participate or are going to participate in the CIBC Run for the cure for Marisa or for anyone else.

God looks like those people who dropped off a meal, or a basket of fruit on our porch.

God looks like the benevolent man from my parents church who gives us flowers on a regular occasion.

God looks like that set of 18 year olds that lovingly babysit our kids and refuse payment.

God looks like those people that gave us a card, an e-mail or a comment on this blog.

God looks like that kind gentleman who worked three days at our house to brick our fireplace.

God looks like those men that have flown in from far away parts to hang out with me for a weekend and get reconnected with our inner frat boy.

God looks like the man at the Blue Jays game that gave Marisa and I seats right behind home plate because he himself beat cancer twice and knows what it is like to go through this valley.

I could go on…

I have come to realize over the past 9 months that I’m pretty much a simple man that cancer has driven a hole through.  It is nice to see what God looks like.  I can’t tell you how blessed we are.