The Emb. doctor (doctor that specializes in the embolization proceedure) that we met with this morning did such a great job explaining everything to us.  He did it by drawing and talking at the same time.  He had all the time in the world for us and we didn’t feel rushed at all.  He was a personable, caring doctor.  We really appreciated that.

Basically I get to be awake for the whole thing, lying on a table (with breezes blowing I’m sure)  🙂  when they go through the main artery in my  leg/groin with a tiny tube and scope around the vessels and arteries by my liver and make sure that everything is okay to go.  They do this with dyes and radio active stuff.  He’s only allowed a certain amount of dye that he can put in me at a time (he has a dye budget) and so I might have to come back for round 2, which is quite common he said, to finish the job.  Once they actually get to the tumour, they will put, what he described as, tiny plastic like balls with springs on the end that must obviously have something in them to kill the tumour cells, into the tumour.  If I got all the info right, this is the general gist of it all.  It takes a couple of hours and then I get to lie down for a long time and wait to clot.  The side effects are flu like symptoms–fever, nausea, pain–but that’s why they keep people in the hospital over night so they can give me morphine (!!) and gravol and tylenol to help control the symptoms.  So, it’s like a mini vacation.  🙂

I make light of it a bit, but that helps me deal with the seriousness of the matter I guess.  I came away with a better sense of hope.  The doctor really believes in this and has seen it work well on other patients.  One gentleman with a similar situation as mine had this procedure done and it worked for four years until he passed away from pneumonia.  Let’s hope and pray it works for me like it worked for him.

In terms of the clinical trial drug, I go for an appointment with the clinical trial doctor on Oct. 9 to discuss things.  I’m not sure if this clinical trial will be a go or not though because it depends on the embolization and how well it works.

The next few weeks, again, will be waiting and seeing if this new something will work.  We’ve done that and so know how to do that…As a dear friend of mine said, ‘it’s hard work getting better!’

Peace and love,