We are back home now.  Marisa had her embolization procedure yesterday morning (Wednesday) and we came back today, Thursday.

In psychology, there is a saying that past behaviour predicts future behaviour and that was the case again for Marisa.  She did “outstanding” during the actual procedure where she had to lie still for two hours while they poked and prodded.

The embolization doctor was pleased with the result of the procedure.  He said that he was able to find all the major blood vessels that feed the most serious tumour on the liver and try and block those blood vessels.

Marisa is scheduled for another CT scan to find out the results of this procedure in 3-4 weeks.  Like Tom Petty once sang, the waiting is the hardest part.

At one point during the hospital stay a nurse said to us that Marisa’s smile lights up a room.  How true, how true.

Marisa has slept more the majority of the past two days as she is weak, fatigued and encounters pain.  In the hospital, Marisa would sleep in the bed and I’d read my book in the chair beside her.  When someone would come in, they would look at me and say “Mr. VanderVeen?”

Marisa loved that.   There was indeed a breezy gown.  I loved that.

Thanks for the prayers of peace.  We felt them.

MdH also known now as Mr. Vanderveen