I would just like to say thank you to everyone for praying for me.  I was definitely feeling very peacefull while on the operating table and I know that was because of the prayers of the people. (And maybe the drugs….)

Every day I feel a little bit better so that is nice.  I am at my parent’s place this weekend resting and recouperating.  Mendelt is at home with the kids.  He is such a trooper and an amazing ‘stay at home’ dad.  I miss the kids and Mendelt, but I know that it is better that I rest and relax so that I can get better.  The doctor told me not to do any lifting or sudden movements….that’s hard to do with 3 kids!  When Mendelt and I came home from the hospital, Zion came running at us ready for a full blast hug.  Mendelt had to run interference for me.  🙂 

Thanks again for your support and prayers!  Love to you all.

Marisa (VanderVeen)  (I don’t know if I’ll ever stop thinking that people calling Mendelt ‘Mr. VanderVeen’ is funny.)