Yesterday Marisa and I met with the clinical trial drug oncologist.  We learned some more about the drug itself and the method of taking it.

Marisa has decided to not go on the clinical trial right now and wait to see how the embolization worked.  She has a CT scan on the 29th of October and then we will see what is happening in her liver.

Tomorrow we go to the Cancer Clinic again and Marisa has an ultrasound on her abdomen to look at the lump that they thought looked like a blood clot that is in the main artery that comes off her liver that drains the lower half of her body.  The jury is out on whether this is a blood clot or part of the tumour on the liver that has encroached in the artery.

This ‘thing’ is why Marisa has been taking an injection every night for the last 90 days.

Hopefully we find out some more tomorrow.

Marisa is such a trooper.