We met with two of the blood clot specialist doctors. Neither of them were my regular thrombosis doctor so that was a bit disappointing because we had to retell my whole story.

The news is best described as neutral. There wasn’t much change or clarification as to my ‘situation’ but one nice thing was that they think this “clot” can be kept under control with half the dosage than before. But it still means a daily needle for the next 90 days until we meet with them again.

The radiologist who did the scan did tell me that I made a beautiful scan though.  🙂  She said that guys usually didn’t scan as well because they tended to be more gassy.  That was what she said–not me.  I don’t believe it for a minute…. 🙂  But she said they could see all my organs really well and that was good.  I don’t think she was supposed to tell me this, but she did say that compared to the last ultra sound pictures, it looked like maybe things (the blood clot) had shrunk a little bit but it was hard to tell for sure with an ultra sound.  But, things definitely hadn’t grown.  That was nice to hear….

So, we wait until Oct. 29th for my CT scan and then on the 30th I see the Clinical Trail doctor and he tells me the results.  We go from there….

I am full of thanks for all your support.

Peace and love,