So, just came back from a quilting weekend…those without a quilting addiction probably don’t even get excited about those words “quilting weekend”.  But let me tell you, there are very few things that top this.  We turn the cottages’ living room into a sewing ’round table’ (it’s actually square) and we all set up our machines, sew away and tell lots of stories and jokes and laugh a lot.  It was very beautiful weather and so we could enjoy the outdoors as well.  The trees were in their full colour so the view was just breathtaking.  Some of us even saw a deer with antlers come right up to the cottage.  And, on the first day, we saw a rainbow.  We knew God was going to be with us that weekend.   Coming home was very nice though.  It was great to see Mendelt and the kids again.

As for how I am doing–my hair is growing back nicely.  It’s baby soft and fuzzy.  One morning I even woke up with bed head.  🙂  And somebody said to me that soon I’ll get to wear a little pixie pony tail on the top of my head–I can match Zekijah…..

I’m finding that since my embolization procedure, my energy has come back a little bit but it has hit a plateau and my activities are limited.  A short walk leaves me breathless and lifting anything more than Zekijah isn’t a possibility.  This is frustrating for me as I used to be able to do these things effortlessly.  The last couple of weeks I’ve got that ‘pregnant’ look again and wonder why that is happening again.  I suspect maybe because of the blood clot and the clotting that is going on in my liver?  I look forward to my cat scan when more answers can be discovered…

Hope to see lots of you at the party on the 3rd!  Somebody suggested wearing name tags, which I think is a great idea.  Then you can all ‘know’ each other.  I hope you don’t mind wearing the “Hello, my name is …..” ones.  🙂

Love to all, and yes, ’74 babies do rock!

PS–Betty (Steenbeek), do you think I could get your email address?  You could send it to us in a comment and then we wouldn’t post it if you didn’t want your address to go to a lot of people.  🙂