A couple of things yet…

Some people have been asking if they can bring anything or help out with anything.  Everything has now been taken care of, but we sincerely thank you for your offers.  It’s our turn to give to you guys now.  🙂

Some people have been asking when my actual birthday is….it is Nov. 8.

In case you do go to the Agape Valley website and look at the directions….I found them to be confusing, because the yellow map with the road names on it, does NOT match up with the written directions below.  I would go by the written directions below (but only because I understand those ones better).   Hope that is helpful.

There are going to be some face painters for the kids and a bouncy castle.  The bouncy castle will be outside, so depending on the weather, and depending if you are the one chosen to watch your kids on the bouncy castle….well, just remember what your mom and dad taught you about dressing for the weather.

And the last thing….we’ll have name tags for you to wear (the ‘Hello my name is…’ ones) and so when you come in the door, if there is nobody there to direct your path, please take a name tag and fill it out.  I won’t be wearing a name tag as I’ll be the one with the fuzzy, baby soft hair.  🙂

So looking forward to seeing everyone there!