Mendelt and I spent the whole day at the JCC (Juravinski Cancer Centre) and the Henderson Hospital today. I got an RNA scan (a test that takes pictures of my heart pumping my blood), an ECG (tracks the rhythm of my heart), blood tests and a check up with Dr. Hotte. Oh, and a side trip to Dr. Tozer.

All my tests came back really great–so that means I can go on the trial drug! That was good news. Apparently my liver function tests (one of the things they can test by drawing some blood) are in the average range of functioning. My liver is still doing its job even though it is ‘diseased’. The nurse (Robin Snelling) that works with Dr. Hotte was impressed by this. My blood pressure was great and so was my SAT (that meassures how well my blood is reloading itself with oxygen–meaning my lungs are doing their job even though they are ‘diseased’.)
They (my medical team) πŸ™‚ also rechecked my cat scan results and still could not tell how the emboliztion had worked. They’ll supposedly get this for us by our next visit. They did find, however, that my blood clot had not changed and had gotten a bit bigger. So, at the end of our nice long day, we got to visit with my Thrombosis (blood clot) specialist. Two specialists took a look at my info and decided that I should go back up to 10,000 units of fragmin a day. So, back to the bigger dose. Whatever…I still get to take a needle a day. πŸ™‚

As of today, I’m pretty much finished with Dr. Tozer. He did not realize that we had met up with Dr. Hotte and Robin already and got our cat scan results already and had decided to go ahead with the clinical trial drug already. He was quite somber when he came in the room and informed us about the new spots on my lungs and the inconclusive results of my liver. He suggested we go on the trial drug and that he would call Robin and set things up. So, he was a bit surprised when we told him what we had done that day already. He said, to keep things simple, we’d just be dealing with Dr. Hotte now. He’d see us again when I was finished with Dr. Hotte. Don’t exactly know what that means. We said that we were still hoping for a miracle, and he said ‘yes!’ Mendelt did manage to get one more personal piece of information about Dr. Tozer. We found out that him and his wife’s favourite restaurant was Booz’s Bistro on James St. S. Apparently it is run by a fantastic chef and we got a history of this chef’s previous restaurants…don’t ask me to repeat them. He is indeed a genius.

If you can read a bit more yet….After talking to a couple of people this weekend, I have come to realize that I haven’t been really clear about what type of cancer I have. I officially have breast cancer that has metasticized (spread) to my liver (making my liver diseased) and now my lungs (making my lungs diseased). I am not classified as having liver cancer or lung cancer. It is just breast cancer. Another thing I’m not sure we have mentioned yet, is that once breast cancer (or any cancer) has metasticized, it becomes incurable and what they try to do is keep it as ‘quiet’ as possible for as long as possible via chemo, drugs, radiation etc. (whatever seems to be working for that particular person). Your cancer can go into remission and you just live with the inactive cancer cells in your body. They don’t grow, spread, or shrink (unless you are still on a drug etc.). The hope with me is that trial drugs works as well in practice as it does in theory. They have tested this drug on lab animals (I’ll never look at a mouse, rat, rabbit etc. the same way again….) and cells. It has worked in these situations and so the hope is that the drug will also work on human beings.

All right, that’ll be enough. πŸ™‚

Enjoy your evening,