So today is Marisa’s 33rd birthday. She can no longer joke that she is younger than me.

This morning, Marisa went to quilting (for those that don’t know, quilting isn’t your old momma’s quilting anymore, its now a bunch of babes. I once asked if I could go, but was told that it is for babes only).  So when Marisa left the house this morning she got into the car and realized she forgot the car keys. I stood on the front porch anticipating waving her out until she honked the horn and motioned to me that she forgot the keys and that she wanted me to fetch them for her.

I got the keys, brought them to her, and she said to me with her contagious smile, “thank you, manservant”.

Classic Marisa.

Oh yeah, she also woke up with bed head. Who would have thought that bed head would be exciting?

Parites all around, and as my wise sister Frances said this morning “big celebration in Heaven happening today over Marisa’s birthday”. Amen sis, Amen.