This was an overall different week.

Marisa had her abdomen ‘tapped’ this week which means that they stuck two needles in her to drain the fluid that is leaking from her cells.  Her friend Rose was there to help Marisa.  She was a great help.  A great help.  Marisa was quite winded and had difficulty walking so Rose wheeled Marisa around in a bright red wheelchair.

They drained 2 and a half litres of fluid.  It helped Marisa feel less winded and more comfortable but now, a few days later, the stomach is nearly like it was.  So tomorrow Marisa is going in for another infusion of the trial drug and she is going to ask to be tapped again.  Marisa is quite tired.

And like always Marisa is an absolute warrior.

Last week a lady came up to Marisa and had the audacity to say to Marisa that because she had some leg problems (which was non life threatening), that she knew “exactly what Marisa was going through” with having to have a needle every day.

I almost punched this lady in the face.

Let it be known.  Marisa suffers.  She suffers a great deal.  Marisa is the most incredible, caring, loving, self-sacrificing, powerful woman I know.  I think most people would have crumbled at this point but Marisa continues on.  What a disciple.

Thanks Marisa.

Love MdH