Sara Pot in one of her comments said that she liked hearing other stories/memories about Marisa.  Good suggestion.

Here is one I’ll not forget.

If you know or have met Marisa, you may think that she is quiet.  While sometimes that is true, she is never shy.  Quiet sometimes but never shy.

Also if you know Marisa, you will know that she is quite the athlete.  She has played softball for many years and has a very accurate and quick throw.  She is also very cerebral when she plays.  No one out thinks Marisa.

So here is the story…

Marisa is a big Blue Jays fan and once her and I went to see a Jays-Yankees game.  In front of us was a loud, annoying Yankees fan.  (is there any other type of Yankees fan?)  Then at one point in the game, this Yankees fan yelled at one of the Blue Jays players and said,


Marisa calmly got the attention of that fan and said to him,

“Would you like to have a throwing contest with me?”

Wisely, this fan decided not to take Marisa up on her offer and was much more quiet for the rest of the game.

Marisa smiled.  I was aroused.  Come to think of it, I think that game was about 9 months before we met our firstborn, Zion.