Mendelt and the angel      Psalm 91:11
I’ve only told this story to my family and a few close friends, but am compelled to tell it to you (the blog family) at this time.
Soon after Mendelt was born, I began experiencing a premonition I never had before with my other five children. I knew it was not post partum depression, it was much deeper than that and very real. There was an unexplained sense that I would lose this son of mine at a very young age. It worried and sometimes really frightened me. No matter how hard I prayed and tried to push away these feelings, the uneasiness stayed with me until Mendelt was about one and a half years old.
It was early summer, a beautiful day and Mendelt and I were playing on the front lawn. We lived on a circle lot with a lawn that sloped down to the road. Suddenly Mendelt started to run towards the road and to my horror I saw a car coming fast around the corner. I knew without a doubt that he was going to be hit, he was running too fast, the car was speeding and I could not catch up to him. I froze in utter fear and cried out “God”. And then Mendelt stopped on the curb so abruptly, it was unnatural and no child could have done this himself.
I did not see the angel, but I knew that God’s hand had held him back.
I often wondered what it meant, this miracle. Had God changed His mind to spare his life? What plans did He have for Mendelt? I think I now know.
A few years ago I told this story to Marisa. She listened intently, smiled wide and said “Amazing”.
Amazing Grace
Love and peace from Mem Hoekstra