So here we go.  Our first Christmas “without” Marisa.

Make no mistake about it.  It sucks.  It hurts.

Not the getting of cards that say “Mendelt, Zion, Jacoba and Zekijah”, but that they have to say that.

Setting the table for 4 instead of 5. 

Returning Marisa’s present.

Sleeping in our bed.

That salvation, grace and eternal life mean very little to a five year old when his Mom isn’t coming back.

But the hurt eases when I think of how proud I am of Marisa. 

And the hurt eases when we celebrate that Jesus came as a baby for people like Marisa.  And the hurt eases because shoots come from stumps.  And the stump that we are living right now is bound to grow a shoot.  That is the promise that Zion, Jacoba, Zekijah and I have.

(see, it sucks that it’s only the 4 of us)

My eternal thanks for being a part of this ride.  I wish you a blessed Christmas.