As Zion and I watched the Raptors game (basketball) and had a slumber party to end 2007, my thoughts went to the past year.

I spent the year holding Marisa as she shone each and every day.  I held her as she shone and I held her as she died.  

Sorrow is deep.  So is the Father’s love.  Grief and pain are vast.  But love is beyond all measure.

I also spent time thankful for community.  For all of you.  Some who are still reading this and some who aren’t.  I am so thankful that we had such a strong community that rode the dragon with us.  I will forever be thankful.  Like I mentioned at Marisa’s service, there are many of you that I want to thank personally for being alongside Marisa but I also wanted to thank you all through this blog.

Those of you who have a community of believers, cherish it. 

Those of you who either don’t believe or don’t have a community of believers, I wish you community for 2008.

I am going to spend 2008 steering our children through grief, anger, sadness, joy, peace, laughter and thankfully, community.

Peace and love,