I don’t know if it even matters.  And I realize that even before I wonder about it that it is flawed.

Because I don’t think there are clocks or time in heaven.

But…when I think about Marisa lately, I wonder what she is doing at the exact time that I’m thinking about her.

I wonder if she is singing.

I wonder if she is washing her robe.

I wonder if she is floating.

I wonder if she is eating a piece of fruit.

I wonder what she looks like.  Gorgeous for sure.

I asked Zion (5 years old) what he thinks mommy is doing in heaven and he thinks that she is reading a book and taking a rest.  If so, it is a well deserved rest. 

Then Zion told me he is the best burper ever.

Which might prove my first thought that I don’t know if it even matters.